Sewing backpack straps

This is our new backpack straps for Festmaskinen

We took measurements of backpacks used for hiking and researched how to place the weight on our bodies. We want as much of the weight place on the waist, and less on the shoulders.
I modified the measurements from the hiking backpack a little bigger to handle more weight.

For the stuffing in the strap I used a pretty unusual material, floor mop, it’s soft and still pretty stiff.

For the outer fabric I used an old Ikea-sofa-cover, good strong fabric.

To make the waist-strap more sturdy I cut out some cardboard.

I sew 10 layers of mop-fabric together and placed it inside the waist-strap.

Over the years I’ve collected a lot of nylon straps from old backpacks and bags, I finally found a use for them.
I sew the nylon strap on to the waist belt.

For the shoulder straps I used the same method as the waist-belt, except the cardboard.

I sew a zipper on to the shoulder strap. The use of this zipper is to place cables from the speaker backpack to the DJ-booth and back.

I also sew a cushion for the lower back.