Fiery Fox – a flaming fox sculpture

My friend find a really neat night lamp in the shape of a low poly fox. It diffuses the light super good and makes a good base for some addressable LED’s.

I wanted an easy way of attaching the WS2812 LED strip inside the hollow sculpture and decided to laser cut out a base out of transparent acrylic. SVG cutting image can be found here: InnerStandForLEDStrip.svg

I place the LED strip on the edges of the acrylic base and soldered them in a continuous bus.

Then I soldered the bus to an Arduino Nano, and hooked up a Plejd light controller that gives out 1-10V that I read of the Arduino via resistor divider.

The program for the Arduino uses the WS2812FX library and reads the 1-10V input via an ADC: FieryFox at Github.

Ikea-hack Lerberg receiver stand

I’d this idea of a new receiver stand in my head, paralleled legs in a slight angle with different shelves.
So I browsed a little on Ikea and find the Lerberg-shelf (, it was almost exactly the way I imagined it in my head. I thought if I could bend the back legs it would be nice and my maybe shorten the legs.
It’s much easier to modify an existing product than creating a totally new one, so I decided to buy it.

Here are two examples of how the shelves looks like non-modified.

I cut out the legs to make it shorter and bent the back legs.

I attached the bottom shelf to get a feeling how it would be.

Screwed the rest of the shelves on.

This is the finished result.
It turned out pretty good. It is more stable than anticipated and could maybe even hold a 42″ flatscreen.