I-Are-Bot Ramp

I-Are-Bot needed a ramp so I started working on some prototypes. The idea i got from a forklift, use the weight of the machine to lift. By tilting my servos up an down I can change the angle of the ramp and thereby lift an opponent.
The first two prototypes was discarded as they were too unstable and weak, but the third one turned out pretty well.

The two aluminum profiles attached to the ramp are mounted on the wheel-axis and can be folded. In a angled outright position the ramp touches the side of the gearbox and constrains the ramp to go further down. In a folded state the ramp looks pretty slick, but the ramp prevents the lifting-arm from going up and down. The solution to this was to mount the lifting-arm further up. To do this I’d to build a extra mount, I saw a perfectly good reason to practice my CNC-skills and started CAD:ing.

The ramp can hold much weight, I’ve tried weights around 300g.

The prototypes.