Cooking food with a robot – a good learning experience

So we have this awesome Universal Robots arm at work. One night my colleagues had been experimenting with emptying the coffee grain, and after that it was just standing there mounted and everything.
I couldn’t miss this opportunity, so I decided to cook with it as my first robot programming experience!

So I thought about what food would be the most easy to cook, and then it hit me; premade tomato soup. I rushed to the store and got some soup.
The programming experience was easy to pick up I didn’t read anything out of the manual.

I wanted a pretty simple program:
* Pick up stiring device
* Move to pot
* Stir until cooked
* Remove and drop stiring device

I made some absolute key frames and let the robot handle the interpolation and movement.
I also hooked up a switch and made the robot stir the pot until the switch was activated.